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Remove the notion from your head that sun-safety in the apparel department is uncool.

Hats, sunglasses, and protective clothing not only look cool but keep you cool as well.

Use #morestylishthanasunburn on social media to show off your own sun-safe style. 

Sun-safe fashion

For the Gentlemen:

HATS. Wear one whenever you go outside. You'll look great and your skin will thank you later. Although baseball caps and snapbacks are in, they do not provide enough sun protection, so it's best to go for a wider-brimmed style.

  • Fedora style hats with flat brims are very in right now and look great with dressy as well as casual outfits. You can opt for the classic summer style of a white hat with a black band or go for the super cool all black hat. Tan and brown hats are also a good choice.

RASH GUARDS. If you are going to be out in the water it is a smart idea to wear a rash guard to protect your upper body from sunburn. Simple designs are best.

OVERSHIRTS. Men have been wearing this look for a long time. Overshirts are great for protecting your arms from the sun. A current look is to only button the top button of the overshirt. Long-sleeve shirts are also a great idea, although for summer look shirts with fabrics like linen and seersucker to keep yourself cool. 

For the Ladies:

HATS. Several styles of hat are popular for females currently which makes it even easier to find a look that you like. Although baseball caps are cute, they do not protect the majority of your head from the sun. For maximum complexion protection shade your face with a wide brim.

  • Fedora styles are popular for women right now with flat and more floppy brims. Black is very cool and very now for fedoras. If you are searching for an über cool look, wear a black fedora with black shades. Switch to a felt hat for the cooler months of the year. 

  • Big floppy sun hats are always in style particularly for the beach and they look great with oversize sunglasses!

  • Flat-top boater hats are very in right now, especially in Japan and Korea. With their cute big bows they go well with sundresses and preppy or frilly outfits. Boater hats also can come with a simple black band, but if you like the bow look, grab a ribbon and attach a bow yourself. 

  • If you want a high-fashion look, try the Spanish hat look. It is a very flat style that looks great with a modern ensemble. Finally, update any hat you have by adding cool hardware, beads, ribbon, etc. to the hatband for a unique look.


SUNGLASSES. Oversize frames are great for full eye protection. Also, keep in mind that polarized lenses are not necessarily better at screening out UV. Cancer in the eye is a real thing, so look for sunglasses that tout blocking 100% of UVA and UVB. 

RASH GUARDS. What is so much better-looking than a bad sunburn at the beach? A rash guard. Trust me, a red, peeling back and a higher risk of skin cancer is not what you want. Rash guards are so much cuter now than they used to be so wear them! Go for cute patterned ones or more sporty styles. If you wear a cropped look make sure you apply and reapply sunscreen to your midriff area to prevent sunburn and an odd tanline.

OVERSHIRTS & LONG-SLEEVES. Make sure to wear these if you are going to be walking outside! Denim and linen shirts are super easy to layer over tees and sundresses when you want to protect your arms. Longer shirts are great for overshirts but sometimes the proportions are not right. In this case, unbutton the shirt and tie the bottom in a bow right at your waistline for a flattering look. Athletic and oversize long-sleeves are also popular right now and look great with leggings.

MAXIDRESSES & JUMPSUITS. Maxidresses are so fabulous and fun to wear. And they also cover your skin! Look for prints and colors that make you feel beautiful, and then remember to smile because you look great and your skin is happy. Jumpsuits are also great because they cover a lot of skin. Make sure to put some SPF on your chest, neck, and shoulders if your dress or jumpsuit is low-cut or sleeveless.

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