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Love Your Skin

Pledge to look after and love the largest organ you have.

Compete against other schools

for the highest number of signatures.

Sun-Safe Fashion

Remove the notion from your head that sun-safety in the apparel department is uncool. It's actually very cool.

Science Behind the Cancer

Learn about ultraviolet light,

why you tan, and how cancer 

is formed. Read surprising statistics

on skin cancer.

VIDEO: Dear 16 Year-Old Me

About Me

Hello! I am Isabel Burgess and I am a recent graduate of Catalina Foothills High School in Tucson. As a native Tucsonan, sun safety has always been very important to me. I studied skin cancer through the KEYS program at the University of Arizona and gained insight into how sun affects skin on the cellular level. After my research, 

I realized that I wanted to help the issue of sun damage in a way more accessible to my peers. I created this website as my Girl Scout Gold Award Project specifically for teens and college students to recieve infomation about sun protection in a format that was appealing and relevant. I hope that you enjoy your time on this site and that my project inspires you to love and look after your skin.

The mission of this website is to educate about skin cancer and provide skin protection information in a relevant and interesting manner to 15-29 year-olds.  

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